An Intentional New Year

A 90 minute workshop for you to pause, reflect and set meaningful goals to help you get what you really want in 2023.

Soon we will have a fresh 12 months ahead of us, full of possibilities and opportunities. Does that feel daunting?? Well, if so you’re not alone!

The start of a new year can be overwhelming. Perhaps you’re itching for a change but don’t know where to start. Or maybe you know you want to do this year differently, but are not sure how.

Whatever you wish to cultivate in 2023, it all starts from a place of intention.

Person wearing a cosy white jumper is holding a cup of tea in their hands

For me living with intention means living true to yourself. Not doing what you think you ‘should’ do or be influenced by other people’s expectations. It’s about stopping to live life on autopilot and really consider what you want. We do this by connecting to our values, our hopes and our intuition, knowing that this looks different to each one of us. This intuitive place is where we live from.

What do you want more of in 2023?

Start the new year off on the right foot by taking some time to really think about the year ahead and how you want to move through it. Gain clarity now so you can work towards what you really want in 2023. 


And I have just the thing to help you do this….

An Intentional New Year

A workshop designed to help you go after what you truly want in 2023

Join me as we take a pause at the start of the new year to reflect on what we want to create and cultivate over the next 12 months. 

We’ll reflect on the year just gone, connect with our values and consider what we want to create in 2023. From there we’ll set meaningful action steps and goals to help you move through the new year with intention.

This is your chance to stop wishing and to make 2023 the year you finally go after what you truly want.

By the end of our 90 minutes together not only will you have created your intention for 2023, but you will also have clear goals and an action plan for how to move forward.

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11th January 2023