The Joyfully Mindful Advent Calendar

This program is now closed.

Does anyone else find the build up to Christmas a little full on? With Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, decorating the house, preparing for people coming over, trying to cram in as many festive experiences as possible…’s no wonder by the time the big day comes we can be left feeling exhausted and burnout!

So how about this year we do things a little differently?

On the roof of a red toy car sits a decorated christmas tree. Christmas lights are in the background


  • A build up to Christmas that feels calm and manageable
  • Fully embracing all the joy this season has to offer
  • Being organised and on top of it all
  • Taking some time out for your wellbeing
  • Feeling intentional and present
  • And arriving at Christmas Day feeling serene and ready to enjoy the day

Well, let me introduce

The joyfully mindful advent calendar. A free Advent Calendar to support you to have a joyful and mindful Christmas

Starting on the 1st December, this free Joyfully Mindful Advent Calendar is designed to help bring more joy, intention and mindfulness to the festive period. 

I’ll be sharing daily emails with prompts, suggestions or reminders to help you (and me!) get organised, have fun and embrace the festive spirit! Just like an advent calendar, except you’ll be opening an email (no chocolate I’m afraid but hopefully what’s inside will be just as good!)

So, if you want more time for yourself, would love to move through the season more mindfully or are interested in trying some new ideas and tools to support you during the Christmas build up, this is for you! It’s completely free, no catch, no unexpected sales pitch or expectation to purchase something at all! Just simply a free tool to help you have a more joyful and mindful Christmas this year.

Want to join? We start on the 1st December, so sign up now and let’s have a joyfully mindful festive period!

This program is now closed.

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