Coaching For You

One to one coaching for individuals to help support you create a life that brings you joy, purpose and balance.

Coaching is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. You are really taking control of your life, investing in yourself and taking steps to creating the future you want.

Making significant change takes time, so to ensure you really get the most of coaching it’s important to commit to a number of sessions. This is why I only offer coaching packages, so that we can have plenty of time together to build new habits, beliefs and allow you to make real change.

Women with blonde hair looking out of a window, holding a cup of tea

This is for you if you...

– Keep thinking there must be more to life

– Want to make your wellbeing and happiness number 1 priority

– Feel stuck, demotivated, or lost

– Want to live with more purpose and passion

– Constantly feel stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted

– Want to take control of your life

– Are ready to make big or small changes to support your wellbeing and find more joy

– Are ready to create a life that fills you with joy, balance, and purpose

Coaching allows you space to pause in your busy life, reflect on how things are and to move forward with intention.

Together we can...

– Connect with you values and understand how you can live more in alignment with them

– Overcome a lack of confidence or limiting self-belief

– Connect with how you want life to look and feel in the future, and how you can get that

– Help you find more purpose

– Set meaningful goals and work towards them together

– Reconnect with your joy and welcome more of it into your life

– Make your wellbeing number 1 priority

– Identify how to get a better work/life balance and set boundaries around that

– Empower you to live your truest, most joyful and fulfilling life, whatever that looks like to you

– Build resilience, self-compassion and self-love so you are able to tackle unexpected bump in the road

Two people having a tea or coffee together

Sarah was professional yet friendly and approachable, never came across as preachy or intimidating and was extremely organised. I felt our sessions flowed smoothly and I was able to trust her to speak about what were sometimes very personal issues.

What’s included…

– Five or ten, 60-minute coaching calls taken online.

– Session notes sent after each call, including what we discussed, and any goals set

– Unlimited email support for the entirety of our three or six months together

– Exclusive discount on any workshops or courses I run during our time together (when not run with another person)

– A completely confidential and judgement free space dedicated to you.

Throughout our three or six months I will hold space for you, offer unwavering support, be your accountability buddy and biggest cheerleader all the way!

This is your chance to really take control of your life and create the future you want.

The Reset

£ 450
In Full
  • Three Months
  • Five 60 Minute Calls

The Deep Dive

£ 900
In Full
  • Six Months
  • Ten 60 Minute Calls

Pay what you can spaces

I am passionate about making coaching as accessible as possible. Each quarter I work with one person on a ‘Pay What You Can’ basis, which is available for my The Reset package.

These spaces are available to people who either identify as coming from a marginalised group, are a key worker as identified by the UK Government during the pandemic or are from a low income household as defined by the UK Government (see point 2 of this document)

Anyone who identifies with the above and feels they would benefit from 1:1 coaching but would struggle to afford it can apply using the form. If you identify with the above, but can afford 1:1 coaching, please don’t take this space away from someone else.

I will never ask you to justify why you are eligible for one of these spaces. Self-identifying is enough, and I trust your honesty.

If more than one person applies a name will be picked at random, there is no criteria about who is more deserving. If you miss out on a Pay What You Can space, you will always have the option to go on a waiting list for the next time I open up one of these spaces. I will always try to work with more than one person at a time if I can.