4 Ways To Welcome A New Month

On a table in a cafe is a teapot and mug. There is a notebook being held open by a person who has a pen in their other hand

Before we get stuck into a new month and get busy with life, let’s bring a little intention to the next few weeks. Here are 4 ways to welcome a new month that will hopefully bring a little joy and balance:

Create a bucket list of things you’d like to do this month

Choose some fun things you’d like to do this month and put them in the diary. Perhaps some walks in the forest to enjoy Autumn, date nights, meet ups with friends or maybe being inspired by Bake Off and baking some yummy treats!

Set an intention for the month

Setting an intention can help you really get clear about how you want the next few weeks to go. Journaling can be a great way to get clear about your intention so try the prompt ‘I want this month to be…..’

Pick something you have been putting of and get it done this month

We all have those tasks that we keep putting off. Imagine though the sense of achievement and satisfaction you’ll feel when you finally tick it off you list! Choose something you’ve been putting off and get it done.

Commit to doing something for your wellbeing each week

Looking after our own wellbeing not only is great of us. It also benefits those around us as we’re in a much better place to support them. It doesn’t have to be grand or complicated, often the simplest things can support our wellbeing.


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