5 Tips To Boost Your Wellbeing

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Improving our wellbeing can absolutely be within our control! Here are 5 tips that can help to boost your wellbeing.


First things first, let’s take a moment to shift our mindset around wellbeing. Often, we put our needs way down the priority list. Other things can seem much more important than taking care of ourselves, right? But how about if this year you make your wellbeing your top priority? After all, looking after our own wellbeing doesn’t just benefit us, it also benefits everyone around us. These 5 tips to boost your wellbeing are supposed to be a starting point, to give you ideas to build on. So let’s get started!


1. Connect with others

Scientific research has shown that social connection is a fundamental human need, and I think we all felt that during the pandemic. Increasing your social activity can really boost your wellbeing. Spend quality time with family, book in time for a catch up with friends and make it a regular occurrence, volunteer for a local community project or join a group activity such as a book club or walking group to boost your social interactions.


2. Make more time for the things that bring you joy

Try and actively carve out some time each day to do something you enjoy. Maybe that’s having 30 minutes alone reading your book, taking a walk in nature, spending time playing with your kids or getting creative. Make time for your joy!


3. Consider giving meditation a try

In the past few years the world of meditation and mindfulness has exploded, and for good reason! It has been shown to decrease stress, manage anxiety, improve sleep, enhance self-awareness, increase compassion and kindness to ourselves and others, to name just some benefits. I would highly suggest trying out a meditation course, such as the ones held at The Cambridge Buddhist centre, which are a great place to start. Alternatively, there are some great meditation apps such as Insight Timer and Headspace.


4. Get your body moving

We all know that being active is good for our physical wellbeing, but it’s also great for our mental wellbeing too. Research has shown that partaking in regular physical activity increases self-esteem, reduces stress, anxiety and helps us get better sleep amongst other things. It is suggested that we try and be active daily and get 2.5 hours of moderate activity over a week. You could simply start with a brisk 10-minute walk and over time increase this and there are lots of tips to help you get active online. The Couch to 5K app is great for those non-runners like me who want to give running a go too!


5. Give yourself permission to switch off and rest regularly

Over the past few years more and more people are experiencing burnout, a form of exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged emotional, physical and mental stress. And what could be a better example of prolonged stress than the pandemic! But it doesn’t have to be like this. If we value and protect our down time, allow ourselves space to rest and switch off, we might find life is much more sustainable and enjoyable. If you are finding things tough, please do reach out and talk to someone, a friend or a professional.


*As featured in the February edition of Cambridge Edition Magazine

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