Why I’m Thankful For My Anxiety

Anxiety has been part of my life since that age of 16. Well, that’s when I started having crippling panic attacks, but actually I can now point to certain memories throughout my childhood which I now recognise as anxiety. Safe to say, anxiety has been with me for pretty much all of my life! You can read more about my experience with anxiety in my Anxiety & Me blog post here, because this blog is about why I’m thankful for my anxiety.

I’m sat here writing this whilst my anxiety is at its highest for a long time. It’s been high now for a few weeks. I know why, there are reasons for it, but it doesn’t make it any easier. So whilst I’ve been sitting here, drinking camomile tea, focusing on my breathing and generally trying to calm myself down, I started thinking of all the reasons why I’m thankful for my anxiety. That might sound strange, but it’s because of my anxiety that I am the person I am, living the life that I am living. I can both be struggling with the discomfort of anxiety and also be incredibly grateful for it.


So, therefore I’m thankful for my anxiety because:


1) It’s shown me just how strong I am, how I can overcome real difficult times and flourish.


2) I have a much better understanding of myself. Having anxiety has meant I’ve had to really enquire and listen to myself.


3) It reminds me to take care of myself. To utilise my self-care, to slow down and rest.


4) The strength I have developed because of my anxiety has also extended to other areas of my life. That strength has supported me when making difficult decision to step away from people or situations.


5) Because my anxiety has led me to have a greater understanding of myself, I feel I have a better understanding of what I want out of life and a determination to go after it.


6) Anxiety has taught me to show myself compassion, kindness, and love.


7) Which in turn makes me a more compassionate, kind and loving person.


8) My anxiety makes me feel. I am in touch with my emotions because of my anxiety.


9) Anxiety makes me sit with discomfort, and sitting with discomfort leads to greater understanding, acceptance and growth.


10) Anxiety has led me to the person who I am today, and for that I’m truly thankful.

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