Why I Became A Coach

Being a coach brings me so much joy. I thought I would share why I became a coach and why I love it.

Having taken a leap of faith, I now needed to work out what I wanted to do next! Early on I decided to give myself some time. I got an easy job to tide me over whilst I had some space to think. One of the things I loved about working as a Beauty Therapist was my clients. I enjoy working with people and as a Beauty Therapist people sometimes really open up to you. I really love supporting people and having made some positive changes in my life, I felt I wanted to be there for others who perhaps also want to make positive change. Our lives are often so focused on work that we lose sight of all the other things that make us the wonderfully unique person that we are! I work with individuals and small businesses who want to live more authentically to them, who want to find more joy, purpose and balance in their lives and who want to feel excited about their future.

That’s where I am now. Jumping was the best decision I made; it gave me space to really listen deep to what my intuition was telling me. It gave me time to re-discover my values, the things that are important to me in life and to understand what brings me purpose. Creating this life of joy, balance and purpose will be a lifelong path. It will require continued self-connection, reflection, growth, exploration of my mind, body and spirit and an openness of all that life has to offer. By doing so I open myself to joy, to beauty, to love, to an inner knowing that I trust will help me continue to create my truest and authentic life.

I passionately believe that we all have so much potential, so much possibility, to create a life for ourselves that brings us more joy, purpose, and balance. By reconnecting with ourselves we can life authentically and purposefully, in alignment with our values. By understanding our needs better, we can try and maintain a more balanced life. And by making time for ourselves and connecting to the things that bring us joy, we can welcome in more happiness and contentment.

Think coaching might be good for you right now? I would love to be your coach! Find out more about how to work with me here.

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